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My Friend Is Getting An $8,000 Tax Refund (And Why This Is Stupid!)

One of my Facebook buddies is getting $8,000 back from the government and has gotten at least $8,000 back for the past 4 years. Folks, this is simply stupid. People treat tax refunds like some reward that the government is treating you to. But it’s not!

I didn’t start a debate with this particular friend, but I should have told him that a tax return just means that you are overpaying your taxes through the year. If you’re getting $8,000 back at the end of the year, you’re basically letting the government borrow your money for a year. And they don’t pay you interest to boot!

Instead of getting money back at the end of the year, wouldn’t you prefer getting $666.67 per month throughout the year?

If so, then adjust your W-2’s to get that $666.67 back every month. And leave the government’s hands off your money!