A Beautiful Wedding…

Back in mid-March, one of my good friends got married. He and his now-wife had a beautiful wedding ceremony and an eventful reception.

Not to detract from the wedding (again, it was wonderful!), but I noticed that the venues were sparsely decorated. I noticed because I spend way too much time thinking about finances! And also because my wife’s part-time job is wedding planning… so there!

But I think my friend and his wife did it intentionally. I’m sure they were very frugal and made very smart financial decisions. Which is an excellent sign for them and for their future together!

Which Brings Me to My Point

According to CNN Money, the cost of weddings average $30,000 (for 2013). To be fair, they include engagement rings in that number. Take that out, and you’re looking at an average cost of $24,000 for the “day of” celebration.

My own wedding was in 2009, and we spent just under $20,000. But we were young and stupid and terrible with our money back then!

I didn’t ask my friend how much they spent on their wedding, but I don’t think it was anywhere near the average. Which is great for them. Because they had a great ceremony and put on a great party!

So, you can be frugal and still have a beautiful wedding. 🙂


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