Celebrate the Small Wins: I Have $100,000 in Retirement Savings!!!

I was flipping through the family’s financial accounts last week and made a wonderful discovery. Among my wife’s and my retirement savings accounts (my 401(k), my Roth IRA, and her Roth IRA), we have $100,000!!!

Woot, woot!

It’s just sitting there, waiting for us at retirement. It is a wonderful feeling indeed. (I hope that I don’t have to, but…) If I worked until age 70 (I am 29 now), this $100,000 could turn into nearly $6M, if I never add anything else to it!


Then, I started to think about when I could retire, I played around with how much I need to save per year, I tweaked the interest rates… and it left me in a daze. Depending on how I look at things, I could have anywhere from $2M up to $15. That is a HUGE spread!

Somehow, I turned a celebration into a depressing story. I reminded myself, “Self! You need to celebrate the small wins.”

(And also, “All that retirement stuff is Future Self’s problem!” Nah, just kidding.)


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