My Pipes Froze This Morning and Why I Wasn’t (Financially) Scared

I live in the South, and we are not used to freezing weather. With the Great Winter Storm of 2014 passing through, I’m sure many people in the Northern U.S. are laughing at us down in the South.

There have been road closures, school closures, numerous automobile accidents. The major reason, of course, is that we are unprepared for these temperatures and for long-term iciness.

Compared to my friends up North, it’s a completely different story down South where tire stores don’t even sell winter tires, city governments don’t have plans to salt the roads, and truck lovers don’t know what snow plows are.

We’re unprepared for these slightly freezing temperatures.

I, too, have been unprepared to care for my house in these temperatures.

When I woke up this morning, my water pipes were frozen. I didn’t know better. (Actually, I’ve been good about dripping water from my faucets but forgot to yesterday!)

So many things started to race through my head…

I Google’d how to thaw my pipes.

But also, I started to think about the worst case scenario: What if my pipes burst? I could be out several hundreds of dollars for a repair.

Thankfully, I have an emergency fund in place. If something were to happen, financially speaking, I could easily resolve the problem. Also, thankfully, the pipes seemed to have thawed themselves out (temperature rose above freezing and the sun is out?) and water is flowing again.

I’m so glad that I have an emergency fund in place. It reduced a ton of stress and gave me a pretty good feeling through the scare this morning. Although I wasn’t ready for the freezing weather, I am financially ready to handle any issues that the freezing temperatures may bring.


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